Google Cloud Platform – create a global virtual network

Google Cloud Platform – create a global virtual network

If your company has servers in different geographically locations like for example US and Europe, you need this servers to communicate.

Google Cloud Platform allows you to create a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) network in Europe data center and another one in US, you will connect them by setting up inter-region VPC peering or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a transit VPC.

With GCP, however, a single VPC network will cover the entire planet. Only subnets are going to be attached to a geographic location, and virtual machines communicate between the defined subnets on private IPs. This configuration does not require any extra routing.

To allow servers to communicate across different continents on GCP, the high level steps are:

  1. Create a VPC network in GCP
  2. Create a subnet in US and add your servers in this new subnet, which is located in US;
  3. Create a subnet in Europe, and add your servers to this new subnet.

Your newly created VPC network is now communicating across 2 continents and is ready to be used.

If you want to go a step forward, you can use Google Cloud Load Balancer and present a single IP for all connections. The users and services will connect to this single external IP, no matter from what geographic location they are connecting from.

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